My Heartfelt Thanks To Mark Hamilton


I am in constant awe of your writings. Your sales letter to our members for my CD is incredible. I’m deeply touched by your sincerity and gratitude towards me personally in it.

I think the only proper way for me to say “you’re welcome” would be through offering you more value exchange, which I’m increasingly compelled to do. And I want you to know that nothing is more rewarding to me than knowing I’m bringing tangible values to you and your family in particular as well as the rest of the society.

I never knew such levels of earned pride and value exchange could exist. I deeply thank you as well…for giving me the opportunity to learn from you and take part in what you are creating. And I look forward to understanding value creation/exchange on even deeper levels as we continue to build the Twelve Visions World together.

I’ve always felt good about offering my album as a value and symbol of my commitment because although I may not comprehend our big picture on the level that you do, I feel I’d be foolish to do anything other than dedicate my life to it. To put it in poker terms in honor of your father- I feel that when we connected, I was dealt a royal flush, and doing anything other than going “all in” would be dis-valuing my self. And I enjoy the fact that as my level of understanding and commitment rises, my urge to contribute to our supperpuzzle increases.

Mark, the more I read your sales letter for my CD, the better I grasp how vast our big picture is. Your father’s identification of Hip Hop being the only music which can offer deep integrations confirms my long time feelings: I’ve always been drawn to Hip Hop because of the unique style of expression it offers.

Your sales letter reinforces what I’ve been communicating to the membership: Music that has rapping in it is not always “Rap” music. Many people are turned off by what I currently consider “Rap” music; including my self. As you know, the art of rapping transcends music itself. It is like any form of expression: it can be used for beautiful C of U integrations or it can be used for spiral of death, AC integrations. I currently consider the art of Hip Hop and the “Rap” genre of music two different things.

I love changing the common perception of “Rap” music from a forces of nature driven anticivilization perspective to the honest, rational Neothink perspective. (I realize there is a very deep context and huge commitment to that statement which I’m happy to embrace.) Hip Hop is of course my favorite avenue of communicating and promoting the transition of humanity from the AC to the C of U, however I enjoy orchestrating the Arts in its entirety as well.

I’m having a wonderful time in the moment being a part of Neothink Arts’ journey to the C of U. I’ve never felt better, more alive or more at home.

Mark, you know I’m very passionate about TVP as well. Music was my way of getting involved with the Sunday TVP call in the first place. I shared some of my songs with a fellow clubhouse member- Kenneth Townsend, who asked if he could play them on the TVP call…And the rest is history.

When that occurred a couple years ago, our main focus was getting the clubhouses and TVP up and running. So I went where the demand was and offered my value on the Sunday call. I knew that I could offer a wonderful value by holding some of the integrations in place for Michael and Kenneth while they moved on to other areas of launching the party.

Now it is time for me to shift my focus from TVP to my main FNE, the Arts. Replicating my current duties with TVP will provide opportunities for other members while allowing me to step more into my essence and therefore offer the society more value.

As you know, I’ve been taking a leadership role with the Arts and now I’m very excited to have a larger percentage of my time available to devote to it. I’ve loved providing leadership and a connection to national level integrations for my fellow Neothink Artists. This is a role I whole heartedly embrace and enjoy.

The artists are picking up a lot of momentum. We are collaborating on some wonderful creations. Our music video tribute to you, TVP and the society is nearing completion. And we have some preliminary plans on creating a collaborative album to market to the members as well. Several other projects are taking shape. This is all very exciting to me and the rest of the Arts team.

I can see more than ever now, that the Arts area of purpose needs proper leadership to guide the ever increasing demand for it and value it has to offer. I’m honored to be able to provide my value in this area.

Mark, I want to thank you for everything you’re doing…especially for your heart felt sales letter for marketing my CD. My album project is the most rewarding accomplishment I have ever achieved. It provides me with amazing fuel to push forward on our path to the beautiful Twelve Visions World.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Your soulmate,